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But, my great experience in Arabian Peninsula never found on any human in my life time with Arabs for six years while I was working as an engineer, I started to review the Hadith deeply, and I found the right path is in the hands of Shia leaders as Muhammad's life Peace be upon Him. Now I follow Shia.

I would like to add some Hadith Abu Hurairah ra also narrates: We were sitting in the company of Allah's Apostle saw when Surat al-Juma was revealed to him and when he recited amongst them, those who were sitting there said Allahs Messenger? But Allah's Apostle saw made no reply, until he was questioned once, twice or thrice, and there was amongst us Salman the Persian. Allah s Apostle saw placed his hand on Salman and then said: Even if faith were near the Pleiades, a man from amongst these would surely find it. Muhammad saw patted on the legs of Salman and said: "He, and his people.

This tradition is accepted by both Sunnis and Shia's and is included bay Nasafi in his book, Vol. IV, p;age , as well as by Muhammad Farid Vajdi, in his book, third edition, page Actually, a sizable minority if not even majority of Sunnis believe in intercession through learned scholars or saints. Look it up. I agree that Shias do not accept first three khalifas; but one major difference which i noticed is that we sunni believe that prophet Mohd SAWS is the last prophet and after that there will be no prophet;but shias say that HAzrat Ali RA is the next prophet becoz of whcih when they take the name as Hazrat Ali Alaihissalaam.

I am againt Muslims killing anyone innocent anywhere, with reqrds to what is happening in Iraq, its was first an insurgency against occupational forces and its supporters by sunni jihadis, the jihadis were attacking US forces and its supporters irrespective of their sect Sunni or Shia, then comes Shia militiants from Badr and Sadr groups, sadr group openly was againt US forces but in the background they were targeting sunnies as well, the Badr group is more organized they taken over the interior ministry, they started full scale kidnappings of sunnies from homes in ministry uniforms and trucks killing hundreds just because they are sunnies.

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After the crimes of Badr targeting innocent sunnies, sunni jihadis groups become anti shia and anti government beside anti US, then comes the incident of Sammarah where a shia sharine is bombed and as we know the killings still continue. Even today sinnies attack anyone who support US occupation be it a shia or sunni.

But shias killing anyone who is a sunni weather they support the insurgency or not.

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Sometimes distiguishing leads to sepeartion that leads to limitation. Do not limit yourselves. All are Muslim and that is your stong and beautifil tie to eachother. With disagreement leaves room for penetration of outside forces that mean you harm. Unite as a people and stop the violence. This was not the almighty's intention. I am not a Muslim but these words are from the heart that loves all. Alsalaam 3alikum. Thank you for the article, it clearly distinguish the difference that is raising the question to the non-Muslims.

It note clearly that difference is more politically and that leadership is not a birth right in Islam. And as noted by the writer that sunni Muslims counter that there is no basis in Islam for a hereditary privileged class of spiritual leaders. Islam is not by heridetry where the son acquired from the father or ortherwise cos if it was meant to be that then Allah in His wisdom will have allowed Ibrahim or Abdullah or Qasim to have had a longer life so as to inherit their father the noble Prophet SAW.

Iran repopulates Syria with Shia Muslims to help tighten regime's control

Or going further the son of Noah AS wouldnt have gone as an unbeliever. The base is clear.. Inna Akramakum 'indal-Allahi atqakum.. Islam came to do away with servititude but some sects especially the sufi sect wants to make this the basis of their aqidah, that is why the "sainthood" is made heridetiry, only the sons of the "sheikh" made it to the top while the followers nomatter how intelligent or well versed in the teachings will forever remaing a follower marid. Fellow muslims lets follow the true aqidah, that aqidah of the salafus- salih; the sahabas, the tabiin and all those that follow them in truth so that we get our TRUE freedom, from psychological and physical bondage being propagated by these sects.

Remember the key words. So many reasons from the Quran where Allah and His messenger were mentioned jointly in many verses one of which goes;. Umm Mumineen A'isha RA was asked who was the prophet? She replied; he is the Quran in motion. Where there is clash no matter the magnititude the former interpretations by others give way to the later interpretation by the Messenger. And it is by only studying the science of Hadith you will be able to separate the rice from the chaps. Cos a lot of fabricated ahadith are going round in order to change the true aqidah in islam.

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In fact all the known sects more often took refuge behind these fabricated ahadi. I agreed on certain aspect of your article, but do not agree when you say that the differences are merely political. Been a descendent of the sunnah, I still believe that after the second week of Zulhijjah Muslims should gather together for prayers to enter the new year of Muharram month, the fist month of Hijrah.

My forefather did their fasting until the 10th of Muharram. After doings all the prayers and rituals zikurullah and selawat to our Rasullullah S. W , they will then have a family feast among which their imams disciples will read the Al-Quran until the next day Suboh prayer of 11th Muharram. I do not see the logic for a Shiite Muslim to wack their body and to feel the agony of Sayidinna Hussien R.

Shia and Sunni both are Muslims so we should not quarrel for petty things. We both have fiath in the same God and prophet. We should always call ourselves as muslims instead shia or sunni so that the difference between shia and sunni will decrease. Zinedine: thank you for your kind advice. Those whose hearts are blotted, they can not see even if truth is as bright as thesun itself. We both know that anyone can attain friendship with Allah if they choose to do so within a breath and remain on their belief till their last breath.

Book Review: An Introduction to Shia Islam, The History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi'ism

I give you my emal to contact me directly as a freind for Allah's sake. Shia and Sunni booth are Muslims. This is a nice article concept, however it is worded in a way that leans towards Sunni views while implying impartiality. I hope to see less of this type of misleading in the future in this newsletter. Does the dialoque have to escalate to violence between the two mentioned groups? What was Prophet Muhammed saw a Shia or Sunni?

Does the qur'an mention either? If we are admonished to argue with the people of the book in a "goodly manner", why can't we do that among ourselves or with eachother, is that such a hard thing? Where does it say that killing another innocent Muslim is acceptable? If WE as a group are to give da'waah, then are we representing Al-Islam in the best light, are we even worthy?

Just some questions Brothers and Sisters to consider. Jazakallah khrail and as salaamu alaikum.!

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I'm a Muslim and dont belong to any sect but the notion that leadership in Islam is a birth right needs a critical look. Is a leader chosen based on his excellent credentials and track record or because he belongs to a particular family. The Caliphs were noble and honourable men and likewise the Imams so we should be circumspect as Muslims when making comments about them. Islam needs harmony to progress. Since the Kalima is one, we are all Muslims and not Sunni nor Shia. There have not to be any sects in islam. When Allah is one,Prophet is one,Quran is one the religion of islam cannot have sects.

Thank you for this helpful article on the distinctions between Sunni and Shia in Islam. I have read many articles explaining this topic, but this is one of the most clear, concise and readable that I've found in some time. I am a Roman Catholic Christian and a journalist who has had the privilege of working in the Muslim world and am always looking for information I can share with non-Muslims about Islam.

Your site is one of the most helpful and I always learn something new myself! Thank you! This is a long dispute between muslims for centurys now.

Leadership disagreements

The truth is that definetly the shias group has deviated from the true teachings of our beloved prophet and gone astray. They are so far that its very difficult to make them understand the truth today. Only allahutala must guide them and bring them to the right path. The most important issue today is to see that we do not fight amongst our selves but to unite and build a strong feeling of brothrhood if not we will be perished by the enimies of islam who are working day and night to destroy us. Oh allah let sanity prevail amongst us and guide us to the correct path.

A Brief History of Ismaili Muslims - The Islamic Monthly

From all my experience in Islam and everything I have read I don't see how the Shia in their current state of worship can be considered in any way akin or similar to Sunni which I am not. In the Koran Allah says to ignore the ignorant. He also says to leave to Him those that divide their religion into sects.

These people who divide the religion into sects will be punished by Him. Therefore we must not divide our religion into sects and we must all call ourselves simply, Muslims. Also it is imperative that every muslim read, understand and follow the Hadiths, specially the Al-Bukhari which are suppose to be the most authentic. The Prophet Mohammed s. Meaning my way.